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Our CCTV Solution

'Off the shelf' CCTV systems might seem adequate, but the truth is, they don't work.

The problem with ‘Off the shelf’ CCTV solutions is that they simply observe and collect data while allowing crime to happen. After your property has been violated, you then have to go through all of your recorded footage and try to figure out what happened from hours of video. ADS Security offers a range of intelligent security surveillance products that automatically detect a genuine threat. Such as an intruder or vehicle and then take immediate action, such as sending live audio/video alerts directly to your mobile phone so you can respond quickly while staying safe at home or on the move. Alternatively, an alert can activate our security team for you, who can then view the footage in real-time and act accordingly.

We constantly push the boundaries of technology to develop intelligent solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond simple security. A well-designed CCTV system can deter criminals, vandals, and unwanted intruders from entering your premises. While high-quality recorded images mean you will also have an excellent resource for prosecution evidence should you need it. If required, you can monitor your site by accessing your cameras live, whether on your computer or mobile device. As long as you have a data connection, you can monitor your property with confidence from anywhere in the world.

Our CCTV solutions have you covered for:
  • Facial recognition cameras
  • Number plate recognition cameras
  • Covid temperature detection cameras
  • People counting and heat mapping cameras
  • Traffic flow and directional cameras
  • Line crossing cameras
  • And much more…
A well-designed CCTV solution offers a range of benefits from deter, monitor and protection 24 hours, 7 days a week

Your Benefits

ADS Security CCTV solutions act as a deterrent to crimes and malpractices from your organisation and external criminals, burglars, and vandals.

  • Should any criminal activity occur, CCTV systems are an invaluable resource to assist in tracking criminals down.
  • As CCTV systems are recording at all times, the system can be monitored constantly, or at sensitive times, so that any unauthorised activity can be identified and responded to.
  • If necessary, an alarm can be immediately activated and the relevant authorities notified.
  • CCTV systems maintain records so you can go back to an event or activity after the fact to view exactly what occurred.
  • CCTV can be installed in as many or as few areas as needed and be positioned to capture images from the most high-risk areas.

Number plate Cameras

number plate camers
Normal security cameras are a great way to protect your business, but they can't do all of the work.

License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) technology can help you to automatically protect your property, track vehicles, and improve public safety in your area. LPR/ANPR is a technology that uses optical character recognition to automatically read vehicle registration plates and create vehicle location data. It can automatically recognise a vehicle’s license plate number and other related information from a digital image of the vehicle using optical character recognition.

LPR/ANPR technology can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Monitoring which vehicles enter and exit your property
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Traffic and law enforcement
  • Crime reduction and public safety

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Facial Recognition

Facial scan
Traditional CCTV security cameras have been around for a long time, but they are still not used to their full potential.

The average security camera is not very effective at catching criminals, as they passively view your site. Our facial recognition cameras, on the other hand, use advanced algorithms to analyze images in real-time to detect any faces that fall within the camera's view. When a face is detected, it can be matched against thousands of pre-loaded facial images from an internal or external database. This technology makes it possible for you as a business owner or homeowner to easily identify anyone who enters your property without permission.

Benefits of installing facial recognition cameras:

Quick SearchFace recognition solutions can quickly find helpful information from massive databases of recognised faces.

Real-time AlarmReduce the occurrence of crime protect personal and property through real-time monitoring and alarm linkage.

High AccuracyFace Recognition solutions ensure high accuracy and recognition rates using deep learning algorithms.

Business IntelligentStatistical report analysis based on structural features helps the shop owners find potential customers and guide marketing plans.

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AI Intelligent Cameras

AI camera working

Artificial Intelligence or Ai technology, in digital camera security systems have advanced rapidly and is now available with ADS Security.

Everything a camera sees can be understood and transformed into valuable insights. Anything from object classification, speed or specific characteristics, to exact GPS coordinates. This can be used to inspire or develop software solutions that define what your security device will be and how it works for you

No more false alarms, our CCTV systems can be set to differentiate the human form from cars & vehicles, animals and wind blowing bushes, whilst offering the best possible imagery direct to your mobile device.

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Solar Energy Cameras

Solar powered camera
Solar energy is a great way to cut costs and protect the environment.

However, solar security cameras are not as standard as their wired counterparts, making it harder for you to find a robust security solution. ADS Security offers a wide selection of standalone solar cameras that can be installed quickly and easily without needing an electrician or other specialised personnel. These wireless surveillance systems can also be used in areas with no electricity or network connection, ideal if your business operates in remote locations such as farms, parking lots, or construction sites.

The camera sends live video using 4G connectivity directly from the camera to our monitoring centre with no need for any additional power source like wires or cables (which means they’re perfect for outdoor use). Best of all you’re actively helping the environment by harnessing the power of the sun, rather than relying on the grid network.

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COVID-19 Temperature Detecting Cameras

Heat detection image
Today's construction sites, office buildings, and other public spaces are filled with people. This means it's more complicated than ever to keep your workers and visitors safe from COVID-19 exposure.

The traditional method of detecting COVID-19 is time-consuming and expensive because you need to test each person individually. Our latest temperature screening technology is designed to detect skin-surface temperatures in areas with large volumes of people, such as construction sites, offices, warehouses, public spaces and more.

With ADS Security’s Covid cameras, you are now able to screen multiple people to assess their body temperature and ensure rapid action is taken when a high temperature is detected, keeping your workforce and members of the public safe from harm. It takes less than a second for our thermal camera to detect body temperature, meaning you can process large numbers of people in a short space of time, making this the ideal solution for businesses with multiple people entering simultaneously.

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Commercial CCTV Hire

Mobile camera cage
When it comes to security systems, many options can be expensive as you have to buy the equipment outright.

Many of our clients don't want to tie up valuable cash reserves in equipment that they will never use again once their project is finished. We offer short term rental systems for businesses who do not wish to commit the initial purchase cost of buying their own CCTV camera kit but still want access to high-quality surveillance solutions.

We also offer permanent rental systems ideal for businesses that don't want to commit to the initial purchase or ensure that the system is working and correctly maintained. Best of all, all rental payments are fully deductible against tax, making this option even more attractive to all sorts of businesses across New Zealand.

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Remote Monitoring CCTV

Security monitors

Some security systems are only as good as the people watching them. If you don’t have the time or cannot dedicate the resources to full-time monitoring your security system, your investment may not reach its full potential.

Our remote monitoring CCTV systems allow you to outsource your security monitoring to our trained teams, allowing us to detect and respond to threats at your premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any unauthorised access will trigger the system to send live video to our monitoring control room for our operators to analyse within seconds. Our highly trained operators will then interact directly with the site and liaise with the police and emergency services if required, and contact key-holders if needed.

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Our Testimonials

Linfox logo

ADS has consistently provided up-to-date and suitable CCTV solutions for Linfox at several sites across New Zealand - often in reasonably challenging time frames and conditions. They have installed new systems at 5 of our sites, removed and relocated two and refurbished another 3. They understand the technology and the products they supply very well and are not afraid to push the boundries to introduce new technology such as 360 degree and number plate recognition cameras - or more efficient ways to maximise our existing systems, including remote viewing and installing the most suitable equipment to future-proof and system upgrades. They provide ongoing maintenance for our systems - both planned and, very promptly, the occasional unplanned. Their technicians are customer-centric, flexible in their attitudes and positive to engage with.

Charles Churton - Linfox Logistics NZ Ltd

Pineharbour logo

We are very pleased and happy with ADS Security services which include CCTV cameras and security personnel which on multiple occasions have caught night intruders breaking into boats, assisted police in apprehending persons of interest along with providing a professional and friendly security guard presence to the marina, restaurants and berth holders. I would highly recommend Antonio and ADS Security Limited services to any businesses looking for advanced electronic security installations or professional guarding services.

Steve Fort - Pine Harbour Marina Services

Panasonic logo

As a business partner ADS Security is kept abreast of the latest product advances occurring within the Panasonic suite of products. Furthermore, Panasonic provides full technical training and support to ADS to ensure that Panasonic solutions are implemented and supported in an efficient and seamless manner. Panasonic has always enjoyed a very close relationship with ADS and have found them to be very professional and customer-focused. We have partnered with ADS in many projects and have always found them to provide exceptional service from the design phase through to the implementation of the project, along with the ongoing support of our mutual customers. We, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending them as your provider of Panasonic Security Solutions.

Mark Ralph-Smith - CCTV & Communication Solutions

Atlas logo

Atlas Gentech has a business and personal relationship with the Owners that stretches over fifteen plus years. Over this period, we have seen the company grow to provide a reliable and professional service to its ever-expanding client base. Technically they are well versed in all systems electronic and take pride in delivering a high level of service and workmanship to all their clients. They take pride in ensuring all staff are updated with the latest technology and are regular attendees of our specialist training courses. The company and their team are well respected within the Security Industry and broader business community. In all our dealings with ADS Security, we have never seen cause to doubt their integrity or motives and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Alan Willet - Atlas Gentech Distribution

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